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On the move

It’s easy to plan a route on then get it onto your phone.

Using a phone app

You’ll need an app on your phone that can read GPX files. Such apps include BikeGPX, MapOut (iPhone only), Viewranger, and OsmAnd.

First, click GPS/phone, then Open in phone app, to download the GPX file from our route-planner.

If it doesn’t open instantly in your app, look in your download folder, or the Files area of your phone. You can then click the file and choose the app to open it in. Your planned route will appear in your app as a line to follow.

Using a GPS unit

If you have a GPS unit mounted on your handlebars, you can transfer the file to it. You can either do this via a USB lead connected to your computer, or via a phone app. Your device manufacturer will provide instructions.

There are lots of different formats of GPS file. You can access these by clicking GPS/phone then Download GPS files. GPX tracks are simplest, but you can also choose a ‘TCX course’ which includes turn-by-turn prompts. We offer these formats:

If you have a Garmin GPS unit, you can transfer your route wirelessly if you register free accounts with both (which provides our route-planning) and Garmin Connect. Click to open your route in, then register an account and click the GPS button. there