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Oxford Commuting and riding in Oxford. (No posts)
Birmingham Cycling in and around England's second city. (No posts)
Swindon Commuter and leisure cycling around Swindon (No posts)
York Cycling in York. (No posts)
Worcester Cycling around Worcester. (No posts)
Cambridge Cycling in Cambridge. (No posts)
Bristol Cycling in Bristol. (No posts)
London Cycling in the capital. Map refresh ? • Mon 2 Feb 2015, 11:58
Basingstoke Cycling in Basingstoke Anyone else out here in basingstoke • Sun 8 Jun 2014, 18:16
Sandbach Cycling in Sandbach Is it possible to download an NCN route directly on this site? Eg NCN route 5 is listed • Sat 30 May 2015, 11:14
King's Lynn Cycling in King's Lynn Other forums • Mon 10 Aug 2015, 13:43
Perth Cycling in Perth Hello • Mon 7 Sep 2015, 21:28
Nottingham Cycling in Nottingham Nottingham Routes • Tue 22 Nov 2016, 17:14
Lincoln Cycling in Lincoln Enter the title • Thu 2 Feb, 18:31

Cycle routes

Welsh cycle routes Touring and leisure routes in Wales. (No posts)
Northern cycle routes C2C, Way of the Roses and friends. Current Status • Fri 21 Apr, 15:14
Southern cycling routes West Country Way, Kennet & Avon, and friends. Fosse Way (Kemble-Bath) • Sun 11 Oct 2015, 08:37
European cycling Touring and travelling in Europe. Majorca in Mid-Feb anyone? • Fri 11 Dec 2015, 10:24

General Comments and suggestions for the site Feature request: Splitting routes • Sat 22 Apr, 15:42
Touring Touring tales and questions. Mekong Delta day tour • Sat 27 Feb 2016, 02:12