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It’s official: bike lanes don’t cause congestion

Thursday 24 April

Cyclists have long believed that building bike lanes doesn’t cause car congestion – and now there are figures to back this up. Famed data journalism site FiveThirtyEight, whose founder Nate…

One in three haven’t ridden a bike for ten years

Thursday 24 April

Cycling might be booming in the UK – but we’ve a long way to go before we can aspire to European levels. That’s the message from a new survey commissioned…

New path has seven ‘dismount’ signs in 150m

Wednesday 23 April · Didcot

Cyclists in Didcot have slammed a new cycle path for poor-quality provision. The path on Wantage Road links to a new development at the Great Western Park, built by Taylor…

Become a bike barista with the Wheely coffee cart

Tuesday 22 April

A group of Swedish entrepreneurs is aiming to create a worldwide coffee company – entirely through pedal power. Wheely’s Café is a network of two-wheeled coffee carts which come ready…

Cyclists get free pass at Hay toll bridge

Tuesday 22 April · Hay-on-Wye

Local cyclists can now cross Hay-on-Wye’s historic toll bridge for free, thanks to a deal negotiated by local bike shop Drover Cycles. The crossing over the River Wye, a short…

Oxford’s bike campaign launches its vision for cycling

Thursday 17 April · Oxford

Oxford’s cycle campaign Cyclox, with support from CTC and Sustrans, has launched a ‘Vision for Cycling’ in the university city. The proposals set out a future where “the wellbeing of…

£2m for cycling schemes around Britain

Thursday 17 April · Stratford-upon-Avon · Newcastle upon Tyne

The Government has announced a £2m windfall for councils around Britain to encourage cycling, walking and public transport. Among the winning schemes are a Tyne & Wear plan to encourage…

Liverpool plans bike route in the sky (with diamonds?)

Wednesday 16 April · Liverpool

An ambitious plan to transform a Liverpool flyover into a ‘bike route in the sky’ has sailed past its first hurdle. The Churchill Way Flyover is proposed for demolition by…

European Parliament votes for safer lorries

Tuesday 15 April

The European Parliament has voted to reduce the blind spot on lorries – but action could still be four years away. MEPs voted this morning to adopt new standards first…

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