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Japan to get its own National Cycle Network

Wednesday 26 August

Japan is the latest country to establish a network of bike touring routes. Roads selected for the Japanese national cycle network will have low traffic numbers, bike rental facilities, and a…

Our newest route guide: the Morecambe Bay Cycle Way

Tuesday 16 June · Morecambe · Lancaster

The newly opened Bay Cycle Way, an 80-mile tour around Morecambe Bay, opened this weekend – and we’re pleased to celebrate with the latest addition to our detailed UK…

New: directions for the US and Canada

New Saturday 6 June

We’re delighted to bring our acclaimed route-planner and bike map to the US and Canada. You can now use to find an enjoyable, safe bike route between any two…

Utrecht's whizzy displays show bike spaces

Wednesday 3 June

Utrecht has long been the world capital of bike parking, with a 4,200-space park at the station and plans for 8,000 more. But with all this parking comes one…

Britain's first cycling pub

Tuesday 2 June · Faversham · Whitstable and Herne Bay

There are dozens of cycling cafés around the world, but surprisingly, it’s taken until now for Britain to get a cycling pub. The new pioneer is the Freewheel in Graveney,…

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Friday 19 June · 11:14am · Liverpool

Cycle traffic lights for Liverpool

Liverpool is to become one of the first cities in Britain to get bike-friendly traffic lights which give cyclists a head start. Unusually, thermal imagery detectors will sense the presence… More »

Wednesday 3 June · 10:23am · London

London gets its first 'Tiger Crossing'

Zebras, pelicans, toucans, puffins, pegasuses (pegasi?)… there’s a bewildering number of types of road crossing, and now London has a Tiger crossing to add to the mix. It’s like a normal zebra crossing… More »

Wednesday 3 June · 10:19am · Birmingham

Eight more miles of off-street routes

Birmingham City Council has pledged to build another eight miles of off-road cycle route. The Grand Union Canal towpath will be improved further towards Solihull, and the Tame Valley Canal… More »

Wednesday 3 June · 9:58am · Blackpool

Blackpool hire scheme closes again

Blackpool’s network of hire bikes has been substantially closed down after low usage. Most of the 50 ‘hubs’ around the town have been shut, though bikes will still be available… More »

Tuesday 24 March · 11:27am · Oxford

Resurfaced Oxford canal towpath opens

The muddy, bumpy Oxford Canal towpath is now easier to cycle within the city after a much-heralded towpath improvement was completed. The towpath has been surfaced between Aristotle Lane and… More »

Tuesday 24 March · 11:24am · London

Designs shortlisted for Nine Elms cycle bridge

Four designs have made the shortlist for a new cycling and walking bridge over the River Thames at Nine Elms, between Chelsea and Vauxhall. The £40m bridge will link to the… More »

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Boris Bikes app lets you book from your phone

Monday 11 May · London

A new official app for London’s hire bikes, now sponsored by Santander, lets you take a bike without using the streetside touchscreen terminals. The new Santander Cycles app, available for…

What do the party manifestos say about cycling?

Monday 13 April

There’s a General Election coming up in the UK – you could hardly fail to notice it – and this week sees the publication of the parties’ manifestos. As each one is published, we’ll…

‘Bike hub’ brings 500 new spaces to Brighton station

Monday 13 April · Brighton · 1

Brighton railway station now has one of Britain’s biggest bike parks after the opening of a £1.5m cycle hub. 500 secure cycle parking spaces have been provided at the rear of…

Peak District towpath becomes bike route

Saturday 4 April · Stoke-on-Trent · Leek

A new canalside cycle route has opened to provide a picturesque, traffic-free route from Stoke-on-Trent to the heart of the Peak District. Four miles of resurfaced towpath along the Caldon…

Scotland takes the long-distance route

Tuesday 24 March

The Scottish Government has unveiled plans to build miles more long-distance cycling routes in the country, from the Highlands and Islands…

Old railway viaduct saves long round-trip

Tuesday 24 March · Lincoln · Retford · 2

A long-disused railway viaduct over the River Trent is being restored – to save cyclists an 11-mile round-trip. Torksey Viaduct, near Lincoln, was built in 1849. It was designed by John Fowler,…

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