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We'll be rebuilding our city guides in 2024. For now, we hope you find them useful but we suggest you double-check any details that might have changed.

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B-Meadow rd-Cartland-Greentowers-Cartland br (4.2 m) 4mi 10 Jul 2023
Cartland bridge - Library 3.2 m 3mi 23 Feb 2023
Library - Cartland Br 2m+ 1mi 20 Feb 2023
West Port - Cleghorn glen - Mousebank loop 3.7 m 3mi 30 Jan 2023
Cartland - Kirkfieldbank brae 3 mile walk 2mi 2 Nov 2022
B - Lidl Direct 4.6 miles 4mi 15 Sep 2022
Cartland Br - Cleghorn 3.3 m 3mi 15 Jul 2022
Cartland Crags to Cleghorn walk linear 3mi 28 Apr 2020

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A note on our PDF maps

30 Oct 2022 · 2

When you’re planning a route, has always offered the option to export a print-ready PDF in one of several scales. PDF maps are great as a fallback for electronic… now has Ordnance Survey maps

2 Apr 2021 · 3

Ordnance Survey maps are justly famed for their clear, detailed coverage of the British countryside. Generations of cyclists have planned their adventures with an OS map or two stuffed in…

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