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Back to bark by HobbesOnTour
C SK by John Buswell
Broughton in Furness to Lindale by Herdwick
Clacton by StephenEason
Sudbury by StephenEason
Lo to Zee (paved) via Verune,Nieupoort,Oudenburg,Brugge by Nige
Zee to Lo (paved) via Brugge,Oudenburg,Nieuwpoort,Verune by Nige
Orford by StephenEason
Day 08 by Norman Cooper
Llano - Orconera by Kaden Uri

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Filter out certain types of path

I've just discovered this site and I am really impressed but is there a way to filter out certain paths? For example, I am looking for circular routes suitable for racing bikes only... and it keeps giving me (for example) routes with unpaved paths; and some of the cycleways are not `compacted' (i.e. they're muddy footpaths better suited for horses or mountain bikes!).... if I could put this rule in only for x,y,z paths then it'd start to be really useful.

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