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One way streets

Saturday 20 May
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In some countries, one way streets, most of them anyway, are one way for motorised vehicles, but bicycles can take the streets both ways. Some, now rare, streets are still one way for bikes. It seems the route planner ignores this fact. So I would end up with having to go downhill, and then uphill again, to avoid a one way street, where I could just go straight, flat, and shorter.

More than that, if I try to force the route through the one way street, it makes me going around, in a loop, to take the street in the only known way.  :-(

Any idea or plan to improve on that? Thanks.


Sat 20 May 2017, 17:23

Could you give an example? In theory the route-planner will cope with this, but it may be the case that the information is missing from OpenStreetMap (or that it's present, but recorded eccentrically!).

Wed 6 Sep 2017, 21:07

Here is an example : .

Going from East to West, I am allowed to go straight on the avenue des Ortolans. But the route-planner makes me go round through avenue des Bouleaux (downhill) and avenue Coloniale (uphill).

Thank you for your answer.

Wed 6 Sep 2017, 21:29

Another one :

In fact, on a bike I can go straight through the avenue de l'Arbalète.

Thu 7 Sep 2017, 08:54

For the route OSM clearly shows that Avenue des Ortolans is one way and has no bike lane either left or right hand side but looking on Street View you can see that cycles are allowed.

Thu 7 Sep 2017, 15:29

It’s the same in both cases – the streets aren’t marked as two-way for bikes in OpenStreetMap. If the OSM source data is fixed, then will pick it up on its next update (roughly monthly).

Thu 7 Sep 2017, 21:54

Ok. I will update OSM so it reflects the fact that the streets are two-way for bikes.  Thank you for your help.

This might take a while as I am not sure how to update this specific characteristic of streets. I might have to take time to get the necessary information.

Fri 8 Sep 2017, 11:47

I think it's done correctly, but I wouldn't mind someone checking.  I added a tag to Avenue des Ortolans and to Avenue de l'Arbalète.  I cross my fingers.

Thank you.

Thu 21 Sep 2017, 11:40

This is one of the things I try to write down when travelling, and update when I get home.

I don't know of other apps, but makes it easy to copy the GPS coords of a location in lat/lon before pasting it elsewhere.

I edited both streets. FYI, you just need to enter Edit mode, select the way, scroll down to the Bike Lanes, and select "Left side": Effectively, this adds the cycleway:left=opposite tags for this way.

Thu 28 Sep 2017, 16:27

Thank you.