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Move switcheroo icon/feature


I suggest moving the "switcheroo" icon/feature next to the from/to items à la Google Maps to make it more obvious to users:


Add "" to GPS file; Add "+" to add location


I have a couple of suggestions:

  1. Add a "<name>From To</name> line in GPS files to make it more explicit
  2. Add a "+" button like Google Directions does, as a way to add more locations after drawing a route


Add Undo

I often modify a route just to see how long it'd take and check elevation, and cancel if it proved to be too long/steep.

I suspect adding an Undo feature à la RideWithGPS.

Copenhagen, Helsingør, Hillerød, Roskilde

Circular route for a total of about 140km

Let use choose miles or kilometers

I noticed that when drawing a route in the UK, distances are displayed in miles while they are displayed in kilometers when drawing a route on the continent.

Provided there are enough of us metric people using, I suggest letting the user choose which system to use, or as an an easier solution, just display distances in the two systems.

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