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Add "" to GPS file; Add "+" to add location


I have a couple of suggestions:

  1. Add a "<name>From To</name> line in GPS files to make it more explicit
  2. Add a "+" button like Google Directions does, as a way to add more locations after drawing a route


Add Undo

I often modify a route just to see how long it'd take and check elevation, and cancel if it proved to be too long/steep.

I suspect adding an Undo feature à la RideWithGPS.

Copenhagen, Helsingør, Hillerød, Roskilde

Circular route for a total of about 140km

Let use choose miles or kilometers

I noticed that when drawing a route in the UK, distances are displayed in miles while they are displayed in kilometers when drawing a route on the continent.

Provided there are enough of us metric people using, I suggest letting the user choose which system to use, or as an an easier solution, just display distances in the two systems.

Add ruler to mesure distance between two locations

Title says it all: I often need to measure the distance between two locations to have a rough idea of how far they are between each other.

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