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What are your favourite signposted routes?

I’m working on adding more route guides to – not with the full stage-by-stage breakdown (that requires cycling the route, ideally) but with maps, photo galleries, and accommodation finder.

What signposted routes have you enjoyed and would like to see in a guide? I’m keen to hear suggestions.

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We’re now in Australia and New Zealand too’s coverage takes a further leap forward today with mapping and route-planning for Australia and New Zealand.

We’re delighted to bring the world’s best bike route-planning to the Southern Hemisphere. You can now use to plan a quiet, enjoyable route anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

As in many other countries, we’re using real traffic data to make sure you’re routed along the roads with the fewest motor vehicles. We’ve adapted our routing engine so it’s best suited to the distinctive characteristics of Australian and NZ roads. Our maps highlight the New Zealand Cycle Trail and recreational routes in Australia without being cluttered with unpleasant routes along motorway hard shoulders.

We’ve also got all the familiar features you’d expect from – circular routes, ride suggestions, hotels and campsites, paved-only mode, and much more. Head over to the map and give the new area a try.

Find places to stay

We have thousands of hotels and campsites listed on – probably the biggest selection of any route-planner in Europe or America.

You can find accommodation along a route by clicking ‘Find’ on the left, which will look for accommodation all along your planned route. Use the menu beside it to choose from different hotel price-points or campsites.

To look at specific places along a route, click anywhere on the route and choose ‘Nearby accommodation’ from the popup.

Clicking on a campsite will bring up contact details, while clicking on a hotel will take you to an online booking page. We get a small amount of commission from hotel bookings, so any bookings you make all help to support!

Our European campsite listings come from the wonderful ArchiesCampings website.


When you’re planning a trip, you might identify a bunch of possible places to stay. You can save these in your shortlist. (You’ll need to have registered a free account.)

When you find accommodation you like, click ‘Add to shortlist’. It’ll be saved for future use, and the hotel icon will change to a red one with a heart.

Next time that you open the map, you can see your shortlisted accommodation by just clicking the ‘Shortlisted’ button.

You can also view the shortlist by clicking ‘My bike’ then ‘Shortlist’.

The map

The map key

There’s a handy map key (or legend) that shows you what the road and symbol colours mean. Click the link at the corner of the screen, by the credits.

Your planned route

When you’ve planned a route, it’s highlighted in blue and green on the map. Blue for paved sections; green for unpaved.

You’ll see summary statistics on the left. These show how much there is of each road type:

From left to right: busy paved road, other paved road, unpaved road, paved cycleway/trail, unpaved trail, pushing section, ferry.

A few things you might spot on the map…

Navigating the rural US

All map databases have incomplete coverage for roads and trails in the rural US, particularly the Midwest. In particular, surface information is often missing. takes a deliberately cautious approach and tries not to route you along such roads, which are very often unpaved tracks or worse. These roads are shown as thin single-dashed lines when you zoom in. 

If you know the surface of any such roads, we’d encourage you to create an account on OpenStreetMap and add that information.

Different map layers

You can choose OpenStreetMap and the OSM German Style as well as’s standard basemap. supporters can also select Mapbox Satellite.

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