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Deleting your account

If you would like to delete your account, follow one of these steps.

Once you have deleted your account, your saved journeys will no longer be retrievable; nor any posts or comments you have made on; nor any other content associated with your username/ID.

iPhone or Android app

Make sure you’re logged into the account you want to delete. Tap the ‘Settings’ button. Choose ‘Account status’ in the menu. Follow the option to delete your account.


Please email [email protected] from the address you used to create the account.


Our Android app is now available! It’s largely identical to the iPhone app, including turn-by-turn directions and offline maps. Your phone will need to run Android 8.1 or later.

It would be great to hear your feedback when using the Android app. Please post to the forum.

The following features aren’t in the first version, in order to get it out the door as soon as possible. They’ll be added in a later release.

Due to limitations in the map display code we use (MapLibre GL), dragging a route is not currently as easy in the Android app as in the iOS app.

Logging in

Logging into allows you to save and load routes. You can use the same account on both the app and the website, so the routes you’ve planned on the web are accessible in the app (and vice versa).

Don’t have an account?

Easy. Just click Log in to save and load routes from the app, or choose Log in from the Settings menu.

For ease of logging in, we suggest you use your Apple ID (on iPhone) or Google ID (on Android) to create your account. You can also use a Facebook account.

Do you have an existing account?

If you’ve already set up an account using the website, you can just log into the app using the existing email and password, or whatever third-party service you used to set it up.

Using your account on the website

Once you’ve created an account in the app, you can also log into it on the website. Make sure you use the same method you used with the app, so if you chose ‘Log in with Apple’, choose that on the website too.


Your feedback really helps make the app better!

You can use the Send feedback link in the Settings menu if you just want to leave feedback or a suggestion – I can’t answer questions sent that way but it’s great if you just want to make a comment. 

If you need an answer or you’d like to ask for suggestions from other users, use our forum.

Bugs or crashes?

If the app crashes or freezes, this is a bad thing (that goes without saying, really). I’d love to hear about this so I can fix it.

If possible, please let me know exactly what you were doing when the app crashed. For example, “planning a route from Oakham to Melton Mowbray by long-pressing each location on the map in turn”. If I can follow these instructions and reproduce the crash, it’s much more likely that I can fix it.

Please also say what model of phone you were using and, if you know, the version of the operating system. Whenever Apple or Google release a new version of the operating system, lots of things change under the hood and it’s not uncommon that this causes apps to break.


If you’ve got an idea for something that would make the app better or easier to use, let me know – the forum is a great place to post these.

Here are a few of the things I’m planning to work on soon:

I’m sometimes asked for extra routing options (e.g. ‘avoid hills’ or ‘tolerate busy roads’).’s route-planning engine works in a way that means these aren’t really possible, I’m afraid, at least without vast expense on new servers. It’s the trade-off for fast calculation times and draggable routes.

Editing routes

As well as simple point-to-point routes, you can use the app to create routes with multiple ‘via points’ to follow the course you want.

When to use it (and when not) is a planner, not a plotter. It aims to find the best route between points. If you already know the exact roads you want to follow, and you want to draw a route by clicking point after point, then it’s probably not the app for you. (There are lots of other cycling apps that can do that!)

Compared to the app, the website has more powerful editing tools and, of course, it can be used on a computer with a big screen. If you’re planning an upcoming holiday or a long ride, you’ll probably find the website more suitable than the app.

Planning routes with the app

Using the place search

Type any placename into the search box at the top left. Tap the place you want from the list that appears. You can then choose whether to start or end your route there. (If you click the > symbol, that’ll automatically select the place as your end location.)

On iPhone, the placename lookup is done by Apple Maps as a default, but you can choose to use OpenStreetMap’s place search in the Settings menu. On Android, it’s always done by OpenStreetMap.

Using the map

To set your start or end point by tapping on the map, just long-press (hold your finger down). You can then choose Start here or Navigate to here in the popup bubble.

Once you’ve set a start point and an end point, your route will be calculated.

Choosing a route type

As standard, chooses a balanced route that might include both paved and good-quality unpaved surfaces.

You can also choose paved-only routes, or routes with more gravel/off-road sections. Use the Settings menu to make your choice. (Gravel is currently only available in Europe/the UK.)

Dragging the route

To change the route so it follows a particular road or path, long-press on the route, then drag it to the road you want. A red line will appear showing your change. When you let go, the route will be recalculated. A blue ‘via point’ will appear at this point, which anchors the route to that spot.

You can always remove a via point by tapping it and selecting Remove via point.

Extending the route

You can extend the route to a new destination by quickly double-tapping on the map. The previous destination will become a via point. (This is currently iPhone only.)

Sketch mode (for supporters only)

Sketch mode allows you to quickly draw a route by tracing it with your finger. Click the finger icon, then draw your route as one continuous line. will calculate a route that broadly follows the path you drew. (This is currently iPhone only.)

Saving and loading

You can save a route using the Save button. You’ll need to be logged in to do so.

You can retrieve your saved routes using the Routes button. They’re also accessible from the website.

When saving a route, you can choose whether it’s public (anyone can see it via the website) or private (only you can see it).

Useful info

The app doesn’t yet support all the features of routes planned on the website. In particular, it doesn’t support via points with text notes; overnight stops; or via points which use a different routing choice to the rest of the route. You can still load these routes, but please don’t edit them in the app and save them again, or you may lose this extra information.

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