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V32 Lille to Paris


Just to make you aware that the pdf for this route is not working.

Thanks, Phil

ps Just discovered the app. Fantastic! Thanks so much.

Cycle travel by train

Thanks for an excellent site. Very informative and inspiring for new ideas.

My wife and I are occasional cyclist but have completed the Cotswold ride, Coast and Castle and recently the Morecombe bay cycle route. We used our campervan as a base and the train to get to us to or back from each section of route (s). Please could you recommend any other routes that we may tackle in this way? Funds are limited for hotels and we are a bit long in the tooth for full on cycle camping. Best wishes, Phil & Linda

Stop snapping

How do I stop the map snapping back to my location when I’m trying to scroll ahead of my route please?

Deleting way points


I've been experimenting adding extra waypoints but how do I remove them please?

Thank, Phil

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