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Campsite errors

And another. Near Chipping Norton I looked up Tresseck campsite. In reality it is located near Ross on Wye. I am trying to plan severely trips this year but the tool is virtually unusable as far as camp sites go.

Another wrong label

Camping is marked at Wellesbourne nearStratford as Tydu Vale, which is hundreds of miles away in Wales

Confused over campsites

I have recently come across a number of problems when researching campsites near routes where the site marked is incorrectly located. An example today was a site near Upton Snodbury in Worcestershire. Click on the marker and it tells you the site is Stonham Barns. But Stonham Barns is many miles away in Suffolk. This problem has been repeated several times Can you help, please? John

Incorrect directions in Warwickshire

Set a route from Ettington to Burton Dassett Country Park, both in South Warwickshire. The suggested route takes you right through a heavily guarded MOD site: an armaments location and barracks. Entry is, of course, prohibited. It is very easy to make the journey on public roads.

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