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London to Wrexham

Hi again,

A long time since I posted but I have been using to plan routes and always say how good the website is for finding routes.

Last Sunday (29th July 2018) I took the train to London to participate in the RideLondon Surrey 100. Sportives are not normally my thing but I'd signed up to raise money for the FireFighters Charity being retired from the Fire and Rescue Service isn 2008. But Ithough I would extend my ride and after a night in St. Pauls Youth Hostel I had decided to ride back home to Wrexham.

Day 1 was from St Paul's London to Milton Keynes. I am so glad I had downloaded a route out of London. The roule used the London Cycle Network out towards Wood Green and followed the New River path staying away from busy roads and travelleing through park ways. Very pleasant indeed. Once out into Buckinghamshire I was on National Cycle Network routes and through Luton to Dunstable following their amazing bus 'railway'!. Lots of old railway lines had been brought back into use to link up this journey.

A word of warning NCN12 near South Mimms is signed as "The Great North Way" but is actiually like cycling through a hedge in parts! Its narrow and overgrown near the M25.

The canal paths into Milton Keynes are - lets say - variable! Some very narrow gates - at least one needed the removal of my panniers to get through - and some very poor surface meant progress could be quite slow.

I have to say a big THANK YOU to I don't think I could have planned a nicer route out of London and I doubt I'd ever hve found the YHA in Milton Keynes without a GPS!

Kiln Lane

On a recent ride I planned using the rooute directed me down Kiln Lane. Please avoid this road on anything but a mountain bike. Its really a bridle way and is rutted, very, wet and very muddy at all times of the year. Theres an easy altenative   - turn down Plas Noble and onto Marchweil Hall Rd to avoid Kiln Lane. Hopefully this is helpful to other travellers.

Ride to Dudley/ Coventry

Hello. Last weekend I used for the first time to plan a route to Coventry - the first leg was to Dudley with an overnight stop at friends, then on to Coventry to watch my rugby league team at Butts Park.

I have to say it was a fabulous experience. I rode over three quarters of the ride virtually trafic free. Even in Telford and Shifnall I was directed onto cycle paths and quieter roads. Again on Sunday with plenty of time I too a route using the canal system through Birmingham then quieter urban roads through Small Heath and out once more onto rural roads. I was amazed that right up to 6km from Coventry I was still riding on rural roads with farms and fields as company.

I only had a couple of minor problems one within 2km from home. The route took me out of Wrexham along Sontley Road and tried to direct me down a small unmade road. Fortuantely I am familiar with this road and realistically it is a bridleway and not really suited to touring bikes. It is extrelemely muddy and only to be attempted on a mountain bike. Some of the canal towpaths were also a little difficut to negotiate with the only hard surface a little wider than a tyres width.

The ride throgh Birmingham was facinating and I was aware that it was going to be a shared path, so I was expecting progress to be slower than normal.

Many thanks for this fabulous resource I'll be sharing it with friends.

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