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North 27 mile Daffodil

Early climb on to The Daffodil cafe at Eakring via Farnsfield back via Caunton

North 27 mile Daffodil

Early climb on to The Daffodil cafe at Eakring via Farnsfield back via Caunton

Lincs Loop

Lincoln, Woodhall Spa and visits to Bardney Abbey & Temple Bruer

Grading cycle tracks

First of all let me say how much I'm enjoying using - its been the most easy to use routing software I've used. Secondly I think this topic relates more to Open Street Maps  - the data used rather than software but I'd like to use this forum to gather some opinions on this idea.

I'm essentially a touring cyclist -  I hate main roads & typically ride on 28/32mm tyres and I'm always on the lookout for usable back roads/bridleways.  I realise there is a tracktag but it seems it is likely to be precise rather than accurate and clearly getting local knowledge is going to slow going.  My question is could we use some grading of usability rather than surface, my suggestion would be

Road bike (narrow tyres - corresponing to ashalt, paved, concrete, tarmac & maybe paving stones

Hybrid , I've sen the term A to B bike on a German web site which I rather like - corresponding to the above plu scompacted, gravel

MTB - all the above plus the rest.

Clearly usability will depend on weather & the map user would need to bear that in mind

It would need a quick way of classifying the routes but a simple  system should make it practical for local cyclist to quickly assess their patch for the benefit of visitors.  I hear Cycling UK is keen to promote better use of bridleways and this information would tie into that.

Any comments?

Bleasby Fledborough

A round trip via Newark, Sustrans 64 & Fledborough viaduct.  Lunch at Chilli Petals in Newcastle St, Tuxford. The old rail line now Sustrans 64 is generally good (Sept 2016) snall stone/ fine gravel - fine on 28mm tyres.

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