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Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

Thursday 10 May
by aiden
in forum
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Hi, this site is great for making routes but I seem to have a problem getting turn by turn directions working on my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. as far as I can see the only suggestion people have is to use ridewithgps to make routes instead. I'd like to continue to use this website as I really like the avoidance of main roads, can you help?


Sun 13 May, 10:23

Hmmm - that seems odd. Could you let me know an example route you’re trying it with, what format you use (GPX track, TCX, etc...), and what the Bolt says when you try? I don’t have one to test with but can try and see what’s going on. 

Mon 14 May, 12:05

Thanks, I have tried a variety of file types and with or without warnings at 30m etc and to no avail. I understand that the map on the Elemnt bolt doesn't understand when there is a turn on its own and so needs something from the gpx file to tell it. garmins don't have the problem with the same file as their maps contain more data.

Here's and example route

I can see the route overlaid on the map, but get "n/a" in the distance to cue field and get no pop ups or directions I simply have to stay on the line on the map.

when friends have provided files from ride with gps i haven't had this issued. I'my to test out a few different files on my Elemnt if you have any suggestions. t