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Planning advice wanted for the National Trail and off-road routes

Hey all,

I'm starting to get excited as my trip to South Korea next year is really coming together. I'll be spending 2 weeks cycling around the country in May.

From what I've read so far, the Korea National Trail looks like a great option to see some beautiful scenery as it stretches the length of the peninsula. Has anyone here followed that route before? Any favorite sections or things I should check out along the way?

I'll be flying into Seoul so might do a couple days there first to explore the city by bike. After that I'm thinking of starting the trail in Chuncheon and making my way south.

Also, for those who've been - any recommendations for lesser known spots off the beaten path that would be worth a detour for? Hoping to get a taste of local culture as well as the cycling.

Looking forward to planning this adventure more over the winter. Let me know if anyone has any South Korea cycling tips and experiences to share!

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