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Visual Route Planning

I don't know how big a feature request this is, but I'm going to go for it anyway. 

 Often I like to do more free-form route planning where I'm trying to identify all the roads and paths I would be happy to cycle on in an area to increase my variety of routes. To do this, I drag points around and see what the routing 'thinks' about different sections. 

I understand that the route planner scores roads and paths in order to decide how cycle friendly they are. If it was possible to see this visually, either by a heat map type approach or highlighting roads and paths above a certain cycleability this would be a very useful tool for me. 

In any case I am very happy with the service as is!

Suggestion for treatment of highway=path.

I understand that highway=path is assumed to be unpaved if located outside of urban areas.  I've noticed that this can misinterpret the use of highway=path as a 'universal tag' ( where the surface is not specified.  In my experience if highway=path is combined with segregated=* then the path is usually a paved cycle (and pedestrian) facility.  This is the tagging format used by the JOSM preset for shared facilities.  

I hope it may be possible to include such a distinction.  In any case, I will keep adding missing surface information where I find it as it is obviously the best solution!

Does the routing system recognise cycleway:right=opposite_lane?

There is an example in Leicester (Granby St) where it won't route down a one way street with a contraflow lane tagged as cycleway:right=opposite_lane.  I checked cyclestreets and they have the same problem though, so it could be some problem with the tagging that I haven't found.  

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