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Wunderful sunday ride.

The sun was shining in the sky and there were a lot, and I mean al lót of senior e-bikes on our narrow Dutch cycleways. I chose the quite roads in my neighbourhood and finally had a pleasant time, me and my steel Duell.

Wind was coming out off all directions. After two hours and 52 kilometers I returned home with a smile on my face.

Bronkhorst ride.

After a long time on cycle travel again. Today’s ride from my house to Bronkhorst in the north. Typical autumn clouds and a lovely temperature during the 65 km ride on a classic steel Duell Professional roadbike.

On the road again in Hummelo Eastern Holland

Yesterday was nice weather, so I took the Gazelle 1984 and drove to Hummelo. Tailwind, so it went fast. 
It was the second stage this year and there was still snow last week! I stopped every now and then for a break and to take a picture. The road was busy with cyclists, but there was plenty of space.
If the weather stays that way, I will be doing a lot of miles this year ..
After all, I had ridden 60 km when I got home and that was more than enough for the first ride on the racing bike.

Gazelle 1984 on tour

In recent weeks I have not ridden that often on the racing bike. There was not always time and opportunity, but last week I mounted and adjusted the black spare wheels of the Merida on the cream-white 1984 Gazelle.

Switching went smoothly.

So after breakfast I crawled onto the white Gazelle and drove to Doetinchem via Elten and Kilder in Germany.

It was not a very long ride, approximately 44 km and the 36-year-old Gazelle drives wonderfully, even with the black spare wheels. Sorry for the Google translation. I am from Eastern Holland.

Best regards, Rob

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