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Oxford to Blenheim Palace via the Oxford Canal

This route from Oxford to Blenheim Palace sticks to the Oxford Canal towpath for the majority of the route. It is very pleasant on a sunny day and much more quiet than the NCN route: you won't encounter any cars until reaching WoodStock Road.

However, note that the towpath surface can be quite rough at times, and you will have to share space with pedestrians. I still wholeheartedly recommend if you ride a hybrid or mountain bike and don't care about reaching your destination fast.

Login problem


I saw the new box inviting to "Join in". While I was on the Oxford city page, I tried to log in with my username and password and got the following error:

NoMethodError at /city/page.context.path

undefined method `view' for nil:NilClass

Path with clay surface rendered as paved

This path is mapped with surface=clay. However, on the map it is rendered as a paved surface. Let me assure you, it can be quite muddy ;-)

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