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About me

A cycle.traveller since 15 May 2019.

Bit of a plodder really you'll probably over take me, most things do; it was a crisp packet the other day! But I  keep going I'm over 65 and over the hill  mind you getting up the hill is another matter! I like to cycle and then camp but the older I get  the more I find ita challenge but hey ho that's life, so if you see me pushing my bike up a hill leaden down with camping gear give me a wave as it does me a power good and spurs me on. I have 2 bikes: a  much changed 1992 Raleigh Ascender   shown in the picture (it was before I got my hands on it!) and a 1966 Carlton super course, totally restored by me and its just like the one I had for my 13th birthday makes me smile every time  I ride it....bliss!

Remember pedal power will save  the planet! May the wind always be at your back (fat chance I know) 😄🚲x