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Alcalá Aeropuerto by Jose Mari Martín Sánchez
Pattingham-Stafford by JT403
New Bike :) 06/03/21 by Tom Leslie
B-K C by Ferris Vandierendonck
6-3 Rondje Voeren by Sjos Frissen
stourhead 2 by Cookie Monste R
stourhead by Cookie Monste R
NK by Ferris Vandierendonck
Alwoodley to over dead mans hill above lofthouse some off road back via Wheaton by Ewan McNeill
30 mile road local by Luke Beswick

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Problem sorting routes in a folder

I have 14 routes in  a folder When I sort them by name, distance etc it either has no effect, or there are errors. For example, sorting by name, the distances get jumbled up. Seems to happen when the sort has a double arrow format, not the 'column heading' format. Happens with Windows 10 laptop using chrome, and also on Android app.


Harwich to Oxford

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