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Bridge altitude


I've create a small city route - - which I take often and was what proposed some months ago. 

Now the bridge seems to be marked at river altitude and because of steepness, it does not propose anymore this route. Is this something you can do about or is something missing/wrong on the OSM base data?


 Miguel Anjo

Impossible to click on blue route proposal


I enjoy the route suggestion feature, but it is impossible to chose the blue alternative, it is not clickable. Can you check?

Direct route bug

Hi Richard,

Found a small bug, when switching to direct route between two way points and then moving something in between.

Image you have way points 1-2-3-4, click on way point 2 and say to be direct to 3. It will create a direct line between 2 and 3. If now I click and move the direct line, to create an extra way point in between, it will create way point 4, starting from 3.

Correct would be to create way point 3, and increment by one all the others.


Miguel Anjo


Tour Pentecotes 2022, via Colmar

Climb inconsistencies


Having one GPX file that I uploaded to different sites, I found that none results on the same meters climbing and sometimes also different distance.

Can you please explain what system does uses to calculate climbs and why the results differ so much?

For instance the GPX of:

does result on:

Google Maps: 75.7 km / 1378m up / 1487m down

GPSies: 75.75 km / 1283m up / 1390m down

Bikemap: 75.7 km / 1150m up / 1250m down 82 km / 1500 m up


 Miguel Anjo

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