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Quiet cycle route West St to Trinity Rd

This is a good quiet route from the Market Place to Trinity Road Retail Park, with minimum gradients or traffic

Head up through Hitchmas Mews (1) and straight across Albion St (2).

Turn left along Foxfield (3), cross Wards Rd (4), then via Rowell Way (5) and right into Cooper Cl (6).

Turn right into Cooper’s Sq (7), but head left through the cut-through (8) into Rock Hill (9).

Walk through the pedestrian cut-through on the right (10) into Summerton Pl, and then head right up London Rd (11).

After Holy Trinity Church and School on the right, you’ll reach Trinity Retail Pk (M&S, Costa etc) on the right (12)

E. Nature reserves, parks and farms loop walk

Loop walk from Over Norton via Over Norton Park (managed for biodiversity by the Kettlewell/Dawkins family), the Salt Way (ancient trading route), Glyme Valley SSI nature reserve, Glyme Farm (ecologically run farm with innovative Kiwi Texel sheep and herbal leys, and medieval strip lynchets with the rare and beautiful Meadow Clary by a source of the Glyme), and back via Chipping Norton Common and the High Cleeve track

D. Rollright Stones, Little Rollright, Salford Loop Walk

Loop walk from Over Norton to the Whispering Knights (early neolithic portal dolmen), King's Men stone circle (late neolithic) and King Stone (bronze age standing stone), then via Little Rollright hamlet to Salford (on the ancient Salt Way), then back via the High Cleeves track.

F. Cold Norton, Heythrop, Lidstone, Chalford, Glyme Lane, High Cleeves loop walk

A longer loop walv via Over Norton Park, Cold Norton Priory, Heythrop village, zoological gardens and park, the Glyme Valley settlements of Lidstone and Chalford (including deserted medieval village of Nether Chalford), Glyme Farm, Market Place, Common and High Cleeves track

C. Over Norton Park and woodland loop walk

Along Main Street and the Memorial and listed cottages, through Over Norton Park (owned by the Dawkins family with lots of beautiful wildlife including orchids and wild garlic in season) and up through woodland to the outskirts of Chipping Norton. Return by the Cleeves track (the orignal road to Over Norton). May be muddy, with some slippery slopes. 

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