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Editing the title of a post

How do I edit the title of a post? When I edit a bike travelogue I've posted I can only edit the body, but not the title. 

Beware of tractors know as Landrovers

I'm cycling solo in the glorious heat of the morning. Going from the Harrow in the suburbs of north west London to gentile hills of the Chilterns, through to Maindenhead, Windsor and a fine loop round back home over the course of three hours. My helmet light it flashing, my forward day light is on rapid blink, my eye searingly bright rear LED light is beaming red fury out from behind me. According to my head unit I was doing a brisk 32Km/hour down a very slight incline along a suburban, main road.  In front of me to my right is a Landrover, stationary and indicating right to turn into a minor road I was about to cycle past. To my left on the minor road is a.... Landrover, stationary and indicating right to turn on the main road that I was on. So far, very normal and as expected. I make contact with both drivers as one does and I carry on ahead intending to cycle on ahead and past both cars. Suddenly, Landrover on my left on minor road hurtles out into my direct path at which point I had increased speed to around 34Km/hour due to the downward incline of the road, forcing me to slam on the breaks and narrowly missing the tractor... I mean Landrover by about 10cm. As I come to a sudden halt, thankfully still upright) the driver in Landrover on my right winds down his window and asks me if I'm OK. I look behind me and the other Landrover is gone.  Did they note see me in high vis, or register when they made eye contact with me that I was a person on a bike or see the unmistakably bright, flashing day light and helmet light? Not to mention that I had the right of way, anyway. And they say cyclists get a bad rap for ignoring traffic rules? I'm not sure about that after this ride! CRAZY!

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