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Doncaster to lands End

Starting in Doncaster we set off on a 406 miles ride to lands end on 28 August  2021, our first section was Doncaster to Coalville, a 68 mile ride were we stayed in the Victoria biker pub for £40 per night.The roads were reasonably flat and mostly quiet.The pub was noisy and rowdy,I didn't have the best night sleep, there was a band on until 11 o "clock then a disco until 1:30 and then people outside waiting for taxis chit chatting. This is not a biker pub but a motor bikers pub. Although There was 6/8 bed in each room so it would be a good place to stay for a group charity cycle ride. And cheep at £20 per person.

Next day we set off to the next destination Winchcombe 71miles traveling down the B4632 and passing through Sratford upon-Avon, the birth place of William  Shakespeare, We didn't visit his house instead we pushed on the the next digs the White Hart inn. Now this place was a nice little pub and with a breakfast included it was well worth the £51 a night. We had breakfast and set of to the third destination 52 miles to Keynsham. 

Keynsham is situated roughly between Bristol and bath ,this was a taste of things to come, we faced the mother of all hills, not just steep but long ,its one of them hill that you think you are getting to the top just round the bend but no, your going up and up, and up again. eventually we arrived at the Crown bar and grill at Keynsham. It wasn't a bad place but there wasn't a breakfast included, but they did lock our bikes away for us. In the morning we went to a cafe just down the road called rest a while cafe. The breakfast was good, I would recommend the little cafe. We were Heading 72 miles to Tiverton , and staying at the  Lowman B&B. To get there we rode  down cheddar gorge, at the bottom we stopped and had a coffee, we knew that once we were at the bottom of cheddar gorge the only way was up. The Lowman was a nice place with a breakfast included. There's a Witherspoons just down the road were you can get  a meal and a pint at a good price. 

Day 5 was a gruelling ride to Bodmin through Bodmin moor and the A30. The A30 was very busy so we decided to come off and find an alternative route, so we made our way to the A38, this route added another 10 miles, it was quieter but I’m not sure it was worth it, we stayed at the white heart inn at Bodmin in 2 single room. This place had some bad reviews and I didn’t think it would be as bad as they Say, but I could see why it got some of the bad reviews, but if you’ve biked 75miles a clean bed and a hot shower is all you want, It wasn’t exactly a place for the family.  

This was it, the final leg, Bodmin to lands end. We looked at the route only to find we were on the A30 again, this time for 18 miles, I wasn’t going off route again this time, not to add more miles to the journey, we had 66 miles to do and that at this stage was enough. Once on the A30 the traffic was relentless, although there was a white line on the road giving us about 1/2 a meter between us and the traffic. After about 50 miles we were in penzance, my cycling buddy had worked in Penzance on the sea defences 30 years ago, we took some photos at the point were the shaft was. Then the final push to lands end, there is no easy route in Cornwall, so  be prepared for a very gruelling ride. We stayed at the Sennen rise in Sennen for 3 night, and  took in the sights, the bus goes around to st ives penzance and back to lands end. We took lots of photos and video and posted them on You Tube look it up on watjab The Hiker Tyker Bikers . Doncaster to Lands end on a bike 406 miles. Hopefully this post was informative and inspires you to do a ride like this, we are both in our 60s, so if we can do it why not you.

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