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Naar Broek in Waterland

Van Buiksloterwegveer naar Broek in Waterland, inclusief pont het Schouw en rondrit door het dorp

Bridge rendered where there is none


A historic tramline, that used to exist, and that has been drawn in OSM, is now rendering on the CycleTravel map. 

Example:, visible here:

For me as a frequent user of Cycle.Travel it is confusing to see a bridge here, while there is none.

I'm not sure whose fault this is, the renderer's or the mapper's. It is mapped as a historic/abandoned object, so you it might be argued that it shouldn't be visible on the Cycle Travel map.
Could you look into this? Thanks!

Floris -> Liana

Via Ria

IJmuiden naar huis, via Oostveer en Buitenhuizen

IJmuiden naar huis, via pont Buitenhuizen, Zaanstad en Oostveer.

Refresh map?


I was wondering how often the routing engine is updated with fresh OSM data. The last update seems several months ago. Any idea when the next update will be, and how often this is scheduled?

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