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ampolla - deltebre - riumar by VILGOM
The old sheep pen by Peter Pendlebury
The Old Sheep pen by Peter Pendlebury
48km NO morvilliers by LENEL
will wandle by TtttttDdddd
Selsey by Charles Strick
Chaypa by Erasemo
Italie by BOBAT
Gretton short by Gary Moore
concejo de oviedo by marraca

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Nantes to Marseille

Cycle from Bayeaux to Nantes and from there to Lyon and down to Marseille to meet friends. 

Roscoff to Bayeaux

Ferry to Roscoff from Plymouth.

Cycle to St Malo and Le Mont Saint Michel and hang out with friends for a few days and from there cycle to Bayeaux to see the Tapestry and see Normandy Beach and the local history.

Newtown to Land

Cycle from Newtown via Stroud and then from there to Land's End. Stay in Falmouth with family and then cycle to Portsmouth to get Ferry to France.

Virginia to Newtown

From my home in Virginia to Dublin Port and then getting the Ferry to Holyhead. Cycle along the Lon Las Cyrmu to Newtown.

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