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Connel-Oban via Old Road

This is my preferred route between Connel and Oban. There is a short stretch on the A828 and A85 in Connel but that's all in the 30 limit zone so not too threatening (and there's a footpath alternative - there are not many pedestrians). The "Old Road" that leaves the A85 at the south edge of Connel is a bit rough and muddy in parts; there are 3 gates and a cattle grid too. But absolutely no traffic apart from occasional horses and dog walkers. Bliss. From Glencruitten into Oban centre is busy but I don't know an alternative.

I find this better than the NCN78 along the "Back Road" or the stretch of A85 between Connel and Dunbeg (formerly the NCN 78 way).

NCN 78 on the map

Sustrans have changed the route of NCN 78 between Oban and Connel - see 

The new route uses the Back Road to avoid 2 miles on the A85 -ugh.


p.s. This is about the cycle route known as Caledonian Way, not in the "Choose a route" list below.

Map problem

I only just discovered your site and in particular the route planner which is excellent; easily the best I've seen in general.

One problem I found is that it thinks there is a ferry across Loch Etive, joining two parts of the B845 together. There is no ferry and it hasn't been there for several decades. A number of maps don't know it closed down either, but it did. The problem shows up if you ask for a route from Taynuilt to Barcaldine.

I'll let you know if I find any other glitches but that's a very good service.


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