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Feature request: uploading gpx files

From time to time I use routes from books as a starting point for planning. gives this advice, 'The GPX file must contain trackpoints (not routepoints or waypoints)'. When will not upload a route I use a second app to upload the gpx file, export the route and then upload it to Is it possible for imitate these other apps and accept the gpx file without trackpoints? is now my main cycle route planning app and this would be a time saving feature to have. Thanks for your help.

Determining location

While cycling a gravel trail in the UK without a paper map (unusual), mobile telephone signal was lost. The ios app (on an iPhone12)  was unable to locate my position. Is a mobile signal essential for positioning, I would expect gps to kick in?

Best way to import Eurovelo route

What is the best way to import a Eurovelo route (downloaded from the website). tells me that the file is to to big to import. I have not been able to find a section by section route as I obviously do not need to load the whole route for every section. Many thanks for any tips. 

Discrepancy between OSM and CT

There is still a discrepancy between OSM and In Skelmersdale on Southway, suggests a route that is going the wrong way down a busy one way dual carriageway. OSM shows the traffic flow correctly. This has been the case for some months now. OSM did have it wrong but has been corrected.

Importing large gpx file

While trying to import a Eurovelo file, says it is too big (680 KB). The file is made up of the different sections of Eurovelo 12. I would prefer to use directly as I trust the route planning. Other route planners ask which sections I want to import but there does not seem to be this facility in Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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