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When first enter


(this mapping app would not let me add that bit)

cross Chester Road (main road fast/be careful)

aim is to reach two gates which haul bike over - all paths lead to it
best way IN - may be to drop down alongside steps (steps seem too steep) - or walk bike down?
COULD be another way in that can ride without having to push bike to steep stuff?
- go over two gates then follow that track along the edge (alongside but not on the horse track) 

route i took is here

I took the same way in.out - which suits out (as steep down) - but not in (pushing bike up)

WHen exit


useful to know that the better (steep down) bit - is just after the fence on teh right stops 
and is where a small rock garden is
the path veers right

BUT there is a hidden left (or straight on?) there - take THAT on way back for steep DH fun

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