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cut gate

Gravel bike possible, I did it with bikepacking gear. Pushing at start, but plenty rideable thereafter. May be bad in mud, though.


When first enter


(this mapping app would not let me add that bit)

cross Chester Road (main road fast/be careful)

aim is to reach two gates which haul bike over - all paths lead to it
best way IN - may be to drop down alongside steps (steps seem too steep) - or walk bike down?
COULD be another way in that can ride without having to push bike to steep stuff?
- go over two gates then follow that track along the edge (alongside but not on the horse track) 

route i took is here

I took the same way in.out - which suits out (as steep down) - but not in (pushing bike up)

WHen exit


useful to know that the better (steep down) bit - is just after the fence on teh right stops 
and is where a small rock garden is
the path veers right

BUT there is a hidden left (or straight on?) there - take THAT on way back for steep DH fun

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