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Uploading gpx file

Saturday 29 July
by YoYorkie
in forum
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First of all let me say this site is an amazingly good route planning tool. I have some questions about uploading gpx files:

- when I download a suggested route from as a gpx file, and then upload that route later in order to edit it, I get a single point on the map. It seems that the route is pruned back to the starting/finishing point (which in a suggested route are the same point). Indeed, if I delete a few points using gpsprune and thus make sure there is a gap between the start and end point, the route loads ok. Basically decides that there is no need to go anywhere when you want to end up where you start - great logic, but not a philosophy that works well for travellers :-)

- uploading a gpx file always makes reinterpret the route before displaying it. Especially when the route is a track I have cycled before (and therefore there are no waypoints to 'pin' the route), this often changes the route dramatically. It would be great if the upload function would have a tick box to specify 'display the route as is'.


Wed 2 Aug, 10:08

I’ve (hopefully!) fixed the issue with circular routes not being uploaded correctly – try it and see. Thanks for spotting!

On the second one, I’m curious – when you have a route that you don’t want reinterpreted, what is it that you want to use for? Most of the functions of the route-planner wouldn’t work with an ‘unroutable’ track (no dragging, no turn-by-turn directions, no elevation). Some could perhaps be made to work (accommodation, PDFs) but it would require a bunch of tweaking. But I may be missing something…