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About our weekend rides

Where you see a suggested route with a star-rating, it’s been automatically chosen by our all-singing, all-dancing journey-planner.

For each town or city, we’ve chosen a list of nearby places you might want to cycle to: historic sites, RSPB reserves, pubs, and cafés as chronicled by the wonderful Patisserie Cyclisme. Our route-planner has devised a route to each one, then scored each route on its suitability for a relaxing afternoon ride. Routes with lots of traffic-free sections and scenic views (as rated by ScenicOrNot) score highly; those with busy A-roads lose points.

We’ve discarded any routes that don’t reach a high enough score, then chosen the ten best. Those are what you see.

Because the routes were chosen automatically by computer, albeit a clever one, there may be some that don’t come up to scratch. So please do check the route before cycling, in case any busy roads or unsuitable paths have slipped through the net. Naturally, use your nous when you’re out on your bike, and don’t cycle through no-entry signs or over private land just because “the route-planner told me to”. If there’s a route that you don’t rate, you can use the city forum pages to say so – or better still, why not contribute your own favourite routes for others to share?

Enjoy the rides, and we’d love to hear which are your favourites.