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Pennine Cycleway July 2018

by Trevor

I was going to add some maps with added local details that might help, but these might have to wait. Here is the link.

Sorry - I've written quite a lot.

NCN 68 north of Haltwhistle

by chris

Hi Richard

I'm trying to plot a route along a section of NCN 68, from Haltwhistle to Bellingham, but won't let me! It appears to think there's a gap in the track just north of where the surfaced road ends (north of 'Robin Rock Drift'); any attempt to route north of there results in a huge diversion through Simonburn.

Do you know if there's any reason for this? It's plotted OK on your Pennine Cycleway guide.



Derby TPT York

Using NCN routes including bits of the Pennine cycleway and the TransPennine Trail .

Lots of old railway and canals so not to be rushed! Good rail links each end. Probably splits nicely into roughly 3 to 4 days riding with plenty of time for scenery and museum  or "refuelling" visits. Will report back after riding it, but should be possible on a tourer with 32 tyres. We shall see...

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ncn62 goes as ross lave lane goes over the motorway as in OSM website map but not in

I wonder why when its the same data?

Its also shown on my old 2002  manchester a-z (with ncn62/6 in felt tip :) now ). Google earth shows a road bridge at the expected point over the m60.


A Bradley

speke road ncn 62 crossing: wrong?

Your map seems to not to be able to route via the official ncn62 routing across speke boulevard in liverpool?

Open streetmap seems to show it OK.

I have included it in the route warrington-birkenhead1


A Bradley

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