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Derby TPT York

Using NCN routes including bits of the Pennine cycleway and the TransPennine Trail .

Lots of old railway and canals so not to be rushed! Good rail links each end. Probably splits nicely into roughly 3 to 4 days riding with plenty of time for scenery and museum  or "refuelling" visits. Will report back after riding it, but should be possible on a tourer with 32 tyres. We shall see...

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ncn62 goes as ross lave lane goes over the motorway as in OSM website map but not in

I wonder why when its the same data?

Its also shown on my old 2002  manchester a-z (with ncn62/6 in felt tip :) now ). Google earth shows a road bridge at the expected point over the m60.


A Bradley

speke road ncn 62 crossing: wrong?

Your map seems to not to be able to route via the official ncn62 routing across speke boulevard in liverpool?

Open streetmap seems to show it OK.

I have included it in the route warrington-birkenhead1


A Bradley

Ride report - will be coming soon.

by leon

Hi all, I dont know why no reports have been posted. I will try and remedy the situation and bring it upto date  from July 2016

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