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Cycle across the Beacons

Did this route from Llandeilo to Abergavenny in a day, left Llandeilo at 11:45 arrived in Abergvenny at 7:15. The first part of the ride is quite hard with a number of steep jills but the views are worth it, after Brecon it's a doddle. A couple of things to be aware of if planning to do this trip.   1 -  Unless you deviate away from the route there's nowhere to get food until you reach Brecon.   2 - Take a map of the route and compare it to the signs,  between Llandeilo & Sennybridge some of the signs have been turned to point the wrong way & some have been removed. We followed a sign at one point & then found that we were way off the route & had to go back!

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