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Latest journeys

Burnham Bash 36m, by Mike Wright
Scenic to thorpe bay by James Davies
Frid 23 by Jim
Newbury to London by Maggie
to weald park by James Davies
Portsmouth Harbour to Epsom by Graham Chitty
Suggested to southwark bridge by Stevey
River Thames Bikepacking Route by Richard Fairhurst
To Wooten by Jamie Dainton
R3 HST by Joel Sarid

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Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common

You’re unlikely to see any Wombles on Wimbledon Common, but you won’t see any cars either. Add next-door Richmond Park, which has a good network of cyclable paths, and you…


The Wandle Trail

London doesn’t have many off-road trails of the sort that are common elsewhere. The Wandle Trail is probably the best known, running along the valley of the River Wandle in…


The River Thames (west)

West of Putney, you can follow the River Thames towpath for miles and miles. The path is cyclable all the way to Weybridge, 26 miles in all. There’s so much…