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Pennine Cycleway

10 Apr 2014
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The NCN route 68 - the Pennine Cycleway actually starts in Derby city. It runs from the back of the railway station along Roundhouse Road initially, before joining with NCN6 at the roundabout to follow the river into the city centre. After crossing Exeter Bridge it joins NCN route 54 to run through the city and then along the Mickleover Greenway before the 54 branches off southwards towards Burton.

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It is signed as the 68 (along with signage for 6 and 54 where the routes co-incide).


Fri 11 Apr 2014, 15:36

Thanks - good point. I'll edit the text accordingly. Personally the railway path (Greenway) doesn't feel very "Penniney" to me!

I believe that Sustrans numbering is being adjusted so that each path can have one and only one route number - so Derby to Etwall would become NCN 54, but with 68 in brackets.