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Cross-town: east-west via Sabrina Bridge

12 Sep 2013
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Getting from eastern Worcester into the city centre, while avoiding busy roads, is an unsolvable challenge. We can’t claim this route will spirit you right into the heart of things, but it’s a handy one to know.

From the Tolladine/Lyppard Grange area and its excellent network of Pedways, head down towards Tunnel Hill. A short left-right dogleg across Rainbow Hill will put you on Lansdowne Road. (From here, you can drop down onto the canal towpath if you like, or take the next left turn – Chestnut Walk – towards the city centre and Foregate Street station.)

Following Lansdowne Road onto Little London will take you across the Tything to Hebb Street. From here, you can take residential roads towards the racecourse and Sabrina Bridge.

Once across the river, there’s now a short cyclepath that takes you from Hylton Road to Henwick Road, and hence the university.