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Feature request - facilities I'll be passing

23 Nov 2020
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Hi Richard,

I'd like to request a feature that could be app or web based and is designed to be used mid-journey on multi-day trips.

Say I need to buy some food for later, I could do a search for shops in a certain radius of where I am, but there is no guarantee that any of them would be near where I'm going. The nearest to my current position could be 5 miles off my route, but in 10 miles time I could be cycling right past a grocery store. That would probably be the most convenient shop for me.

So what I am describing is list of shops/hotels/campsites within a certain selectable radius of the route I am following ordered by distance from my my current position and distance off route.

That way rather than panning around a map I could see clear list of what is coming up and factor my decisions around that. Given that after a hard days riding my brain is not always at it's best, a scrollable list (with filtering by type shop/hotel etc) would be really easy to understand.

Bonus points will be awarded for solutions which work without a mobile signal!