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Monday 2 February
Find a better bike route. Try our map & route-planner » was recommended to me by someone on the CTC Forum and I can certainly see why. It's by far the easiest way of getting from A to B. But as easy as it is, I still have some questions and would appreciate some help. 

1.   Are instructions available anywhere on the website?

2    What criteria ie road surface, elevation etc is used for offered routes?

3.   Is it possible to the user enter criteria preferences?

I'm grateful for any help. I would really like to use It seems to be a really first class operation. Now I just need to learn how!


Bob Zeller


Mon 2 Feb 2015, 11:56

Good idea - I'll put together a quick-start guide!

But in brief:

It combines a lot of factors (road type, motor traffic levels, elevation, surface, signposted cycle routes, and so on) to look for an all-round good route. There's no way for the user to adjust the preferences, I'm afraid - all the possible routes are precomputed once a fortnight or so, which is how the routeplanner can work so quickly. But if there's a part of route you'd rather avoid, just drag the route away from that.

Mon 2 Feb 2015, 13:49

Thanks for the reply.



Wed 4 Feb 2015, 16:42

Sorry, more questions. There is a button for accommodation, but does it work only on already programmed routes? Does it work outside of the UK as well?

If I want to load one of the routes into my Garmin Tour Edge, can I load it directly into the device or do I have to load it onto Basecamp first.


Wed 4 Feb 2015, 21:02

The accommodation button works everywhere – try it and see! Some places have more hotels listed than others (depending on who our providers have signed up) but there’s generally a good spread: if there’s a section where you can’t find anywhere, drag the route to a nearby town and click again.

A couple of other users have suggested you can drag routes directly onto an Edge Touring: here’s the thread in question.

Thu 5 Feb 2015, 19:15

I've put together a quick help page here. Not linked from anywhere yet, but let me know if there's more stuff you'd like to see explained on it.

Sun 24 Dec 2017, 22:03

It has taken some time for me to have a go at using and today's journey presented a problem. Perhaps you can advise. If I am cycling along on a plotted course, but roadworks forces me onto an almost kilometre long detour, will my Garmin Edge Touring indicate when I am back on course and make appropriate corrections to my 'distance-to-finish' box. I don't want Garmin to recalculate the course automatically, I want to continue on my course. Is that possible?


Sat 13 Jan, 20:04

I have a Garmen Edge Touring Plus. It does a good job for me, but one area where I struggle is to be able to resume turn-by-turn instructions on the Garmin  after I return to my plotted course. As an example, let's say I plot a course from Lille to Armentieres using RideWithGPS. Halfway along that route, I see another road leading to an interesting site that I hadn't included in my plotting. I deliberately go off course to visit that site and then when I have done that, I reverse my route back to the point where I went off course. If I then restart on the plotted course, going in the right direction, I get a small course line and an indicator showing my position as I move along it. But, there are no turn-by-turn instructions. If I were to be using cycle.tour, would I get the turn-by-turn instructions and the audible beep.

Many thanks

Fri 20 Apr, 18:06

This is a fantastic planning tool - thank you Richard.

If the summary of my route states that there is x miles on unsurfaced roads and y miles of pushing, how can I find out where those portions of the route are located?

Fri 20 Apr, 18:08

Another question: When I'm plotting a route the towns and roads are minimally labelled.  Is this something that I can adjust in my settings?  Sorry if these are stupid questions.

Fri 20 Apr, 18:08

Another question: When I'm plotting a route the towns and roads are minimally labelled.  Is this something that I can adjust in my settings?  Sorry if these are stupid questions.