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Downloading a route from C.T to my Garmin GPS

Friday 18 November
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I realise I am an IT idiot, but I can't seem to manage transfering a route planned on C.T (I now use C.T all the time) to my Edge Explore. Should the Edge Explore be on or off when I do this? I made a note about this, 'to download a C.T planned route, click 'send to Garmon Connect. That's all'. But it most likely isn't all as the route doesn't show up on the Edge Explore. I would be grateful if someone could take a minute and give me step by step instructions that will do the job if I follow them exactly as provided. Many thanks in advance. Bob


Sat 19 Nov, 09:57

Hi Bob

You need to do another step. After sending the route to Garmin Connect you have to send it from Connect to your Edge. How you do this depends on whether you are using the Garmin app or the Garmin website. Whichever it is, you have to open the route in Connect and then click 'send to device'. The Edge needs to be turned on to receive the route and both Connect and the Edge need to be communicating via WiFi or Bluetooth. I really recommend getting the app if you have not already done so. It's much easier and quicker to use. Hope this helps, but feel free to ask follow up questions as I suspect my explanations of technical matters may leave something to be desired.

Sat 19 Nov, 10:37

Just to add to my previous answer: to find the courses that have been sent to Garmin Connect you need to select 'training' and then 'courses'.

Sat 19 Nov, 22:03

Thanks Martin

I'll have a go tomorrow evening and get back afterwards. Meanwhile, thanks again.


Wed 23 Nov, 17:02


Just back from London thus the delay. It seems I hadn't properly activated Blue Tooth and now that I have got that done, things seem to be working as they should. So many thanks for your kind efforts. Hopefully everything is full steam ahead now.



Wed 23 Nov, 17:45

Hi Bob. Glad you've got it sorted. Cheers, Martin.