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Wednesday 16 November
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Can anyone tell me why, when you click on a route which says it’s a round trip on the route planner that it comes up as a linear. one way route ?  Meant to ask this for ages…

hope you have the answers !


Wed 16 Nov, 15:16

I'm not sure how you are going about this; sometimes on there seems to be more than one way, and often several work. What I do, is select a start point, a finish point and then round trip. This gives you a route there and back. If can find a sensible, alternative route back it will and you'll have something vaguely circular. If it can't, it will bring you back on the same route that you used for the outward part of the route. I guess that much depends on the number of suitable roads. If you do end up with something linear, then adding a via point and dragging it around will often get you something circular. I hope this helps.

Fri 18 Nov, 14:46

Exactly that – the way the algorithm works is that it’s not 100% guaranteed to find a different out-and-back route. If you jiggle the start/end points around it sometimes finds one, even if it didn’t manage first time round.