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Follow gpx tracks with TBT instructions

29 Sep 2022
by Willy
in forum
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Hi cycle travel team.

The routeplanner (by osrm) works nice. Plus turn by turn cue sheets in the .tcx export and pdf. 

Suggest to discretely add turn by turn commands also in the gpx track trackpoints. No typo ! 

A 2 page document how to simply add these TBT commands is freely available. The RouteYou (osrm router) website does export into this simple format. Select Locus gpx export. This can usefully be used by Locus map and most optimaly by the (beta) Android Cruiser app. 

Cruiser app extra: Perfectly supports announced Via plus silent Shaping Points inclusive 180° U-turns on top of the shaping or via points in the navigation mode. Design: In the Cruiser (beta) 2.2.4 app select the GraphHopper router engine for a new design. The demo online osrm router as used by Cruiser does not route trackgrade 4,5 nor does support 180° u-turns on top of via or shaping points.

Use Cruiser to navigate by select "Navigation" in the gpx track export / (re)import dialogs. Enjoy 100% true track turn by turn instructions by navigationtrack (re)imports.

Find a gpx demo navtrack in the (temp)link: 

View the file content by Notepad++ or the freeware gpx editor.

Document link: