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26 Aug 2014
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What a wonderful site. Thank you CT, I'm finding loads of routes and it seems my imagination and already broken body might be the only hindrance.

Is there a possibility campsites and hostels could be included for cash poor gardeners like me?

All the best...hc


Fri 29 Aug 2014, 10:30

We’d love to – when we can get the data!

We have a few hostels on the site already – a few thousand in fact; those that are listed by, and also YHA hostels in England and Wales. When you use the ‘Find hotels’ button on the map, these show up as green rather than blue. But the selection is stronger in cities than the countryside, so it’s often the case that nothing appears.

If we can find more data then we’ll add to it. It helps if they offer an affiliate programme (i.e. we get a little bit of commission for any bookings placed) – that helps to offset the costs of running

For campsites we don’t have a data source at present, though our base map shows little tents for those campsites included in OpenStreetMap. But there’s a possibility of something we can do here so I’ll investigate further!

Sat 30 Aug 2014, 19:27

Great. Thanks Richard. Is there any way we (users/punters/CT members) can help spread the word? Kind regards.........hc