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Problem with gpx upload

Saturday 8 January
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I'm detecting a problem loading gpx files: the window opens with the message "Please wait ... Converting your track to a journey" and the animation of the cyclist pedaling, but the loading is not successful.


Sun 9 Jan, 04:27

Do you get any message?

When I have tried this in the past would only convert relatively short journeys. If I really needed to do it I broke my original gpx file into shorter ones.

Sun 9 Jan, 09:51

> " would only convert relatively short journeys"

Yes, I know that.

The fact is that for some days the program has not been able to upload any type of gpx, even short ones.

Sun 9 Jan, 10:12

That should be fixed now – sorry about that. The upload queue froze for no clear reason; I’ve cleared it out and restarted it and it seems happy again.

Sun 9 Jan, 12:37

Now it works fine, thanks!