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Small bug? Paved/Unpaved and garmin connect.

22 Dec 2021
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Had an odd one today trying to transfer a course made on, to garmin connect. I made a course, mainly road with a small bit of bridleway. Settings were "any surface'. I then changed the settings to 'paved only' expecting the bridleway bit to be redirected onto road. I didn't check that it had actually done it before trying to save the course to GPS. The course was not transfered. Tried several times, even disconnected and reconnected the link, but to no avail. It finally clicked that i should check the course. The bridleway bit was still there. I changed the settings back to 'any surface' and boom, it transfered!


Tue 28 Dec 2021, 11:54

Interesting! I wonder if there was a via point located on an unpaved section? That might prevent the route being changed to paved only. If you have a link to the route I can take a look.