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Simplified Clue-sheets

3 Nov 2021
by Angstrom
in forum
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I don't use a bike GPS to guide me on the road. I make my own cue-sheets which are much simpler than full the turn by turn print-out which is too verbose to be practical on the go. It is inspired by the traditional cyclo-touring cue-sheets.

It would be so great if CT could help me create a simplified cue-sheet. I love that I am able to use Streetview from within CT so I would use this feature to view signs where important turn-off points can be tricky in order to better prepare my cue-sheet.

Basically, my version of a simplified cue-sheet consists of a list of localities with distance and possibly, elevation gain.

This is how I would envision  it:

1) use a special flag (tick box?) on a waypoint to include it in cue-sheet (much like "write a note")

2) generate a comma separated file to be imported in a spreadsheet where I could add comments and modifiy text and possibly make custom calculations (for instance time where I can set pause time for lunch as an example). The localities (or selected waypoints) would be rows. Columns would contain distance to next waypoint, distance from finish and elevation., elevation gain to next waypoint, and empty comment area. Ideally, expected time to next point (using current speed calculation method). If my spreadsheet is properly designed, I can then calculate local time by setting start time and pause durations.

Anyone else interested in such a feature?


Thu 4 Nov 2021, 15:21

Back again.

As a means to facilitate creating the cue-sheet by hand, adding the distance from start along the altitude (as it is displayed now) in the bubble shown on the altigraph would be great.

Thank you.