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Using IGN Maps

21 Oct 2021
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I am struggling getting to use the optional IGN maps that are available for supporters of C.T. I was advised by Richard to go to the map box in the upper right hand corner of my screen and just click on IGN. But IGN doesn't show up as an option for me although the other choices - OSM, Cyclo OSM, OSM German style - all do. I am a supporter of Richard and C.T which, as I understand is required to get access to the IGN option. But I now wonder if there is a minimum amount which might be higher than my £24 annual committment. Could someone advide please?


Thu 21 Oct 2021, 23:26

Bob – I think you have two accounts set up. Your “Bob Zeller” account (with a address) is what you’re logged in as. Your “Warren Zeller” account (with a gmail address) is the one that is recognised as a supporter. If you log in with your Warren account then it should work.