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Code 401

Sunday 28 March
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Recently I have problems to send a route to my Garmin.

The computer gives an error saying code 401.

How to solve this problem?

Thanks for your help.


Sun 28 Mar, 19:12

While not specific to, this link (from Google) may help:

Of course, it depends on operating system, phone type etc.

Mon 29 Mar, 14:00

Interesting Hobbes – wonder if it’s something wider?

Sjos – first thing to try is: go to, log in, then click the ‘profile & account’ icon at the very top right, and choose ‘Account Settings’. Then choose ‘Account Information’ and scroll down.

If you see at the bottom, but the little ‘Courses’ toggle isn’t on (green), then turn it on. That might fix it.

If not…

From the same place, click ‘Disconnect’ (if you see there at all!). Then go to your profile page ( and click “Remove Garmin Connect link”.

This will break the connection between your and Garmin Connect accounts.

Now try to send a route to your Garmin using as normal. Hopefully it will re-establish the connection and it’ll work properly from then on. Let me know if not!

Sat 3 Apr, 23:22

Hello Richard en Hobbes,

Thanks for your help. The problem is solved.

Back on track again!


Sat 3 Apr, 23:30

Brilliant - glad to hear it!