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Routes won't snap to NCR

Monday 11 May
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I've seen the post from 15 April on "Waypoint won't snap to footpath".

Similarly, there are several places where the routes I've been planning won't snap to follow National Cycle Routes. I've also checked these on OS Maps and they are bridleways open to non motorised traffic, not footpaths. One example is the NCR 41 and 442 east of Badsey, Worcs. ( - the route snaps to the B4035 via Bretforton rather than following NCR route).  Another example is the NCR 48 heading NW from Stow on the Wold (route snaps to A429 and road to Broadwell and won't snap to the NCR).

I can understand that some routes won't snap to paths that aren't meant for bikes, but it would be good if the system would recognise all NCRs.


Tue 12 May, 10:15

It’s because you’ve got the ‘Paved only’ setting on for that journey – both of those routes are unpaved. If you turn it back to ‘Paths & roads’ then it should happily route along them.

Part of the Badsey route can be really muddy in wet weather though it should be fine right now – for some reason Worcestershire County Council saw fit only to upgrade half of that section. (I know both sections fairly well as I was involved with scouting them out as a Sustrans ranger!)

Tue 12 May, 14:05

Ah!  Thanks for that.  I usually only plot road routes but I'm planning for a longer tour post-lockdown, so forgot to change pavement type :-)

Tue 12 May, 14:08

I changed the option to Paths and Roads and the route automatically corrected to adhere to the NCR.  Thanks again! 

Tue 12 May, 14:36

No problem! Looks like a great route – I’m a big fan of quiet Northamptonshire country lanes…