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Etrex 20x loading gpx/tcx files

Monday 6 January
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I am having issues putting my cycle travel routes onto the eterx 20x I have just got.

I can put on gpx files and see and use those on the device but if I try to upload the files as a tcx file although I can see it on the device whilst it is connected to my PC when I disconnect and switch on the 20x I am unable to find the file on the unit.

My reason for wanting to upload my routes as a tcx file is I understand that it is only with this type of file you can get junction/turn prompts for the device when following a route.

I have only ever used a car sat nav before, all this is new to me. A google search has not turned up much of any help. Any assistance much appreciated.


Mon 6 Jan, 21:58

I don’t think the eTrex range supports TCX files, sadly – just GPX. (Why Garmin insist on so many differences between their units always baffles me!)

A GPX route has the turn prompts; a GPX track is the line to follow. It sounds like you probably want a GPX route. I could try producing a combined route and track to see if that works…?