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25 Mar 2014
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Absolutely brilliant planner; I went berserk to begin with but have now calmed down and can find and use most of the routes I have found. One or two anomalies but that's about one way street directions as cycle routes where I have been 'stopped' by Met Police / CPSO types and admonished. Next best thing for me would be if you could include Northern Ireland and the Republic. It's not so much the routes as the elevations I find best.


Tue 25 Mar 2014, 10:10

Brilliant - glad you're enjoying it!

There's an issue with circular routes - it gets the one-ways the wrong way round on the return journey. It's on the list to fix. Outward journeys should be ok (fingers crossed). Ireland's definitely on the list too - though unfortunately we don't get the lovely Ordnance Survey map data for that.

Thu 27 Mar 2014, 07:51

Richard, whatever else, it's still brilliant for me.